Driver’s licence with 10-year validity rolls out


    The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will issue a “premium” driver’s license card, with 10-year validity, exclusive to motorists with no traffic violations starting October 2021.

    Edgar Galvante, LTO chief assistant secretary, said the issuance of licenses with 10-year validity is in line with the implementation of a provision in Republic Act No. 10930 signed into law in 2017.

    The LTO devised a new point system, wherein drivers will accumulate demerit points for each violation committed and earn incentives for drivers with good standing.

    Under the point system, a motorist accumulates “demerit points” depending on the gravity of his or her violation. These violations are classified according to their corresponding categories: grave for five points; less grave for three points; and light for one point.

    Galvante emphasized that the examples of grave violations are driving a motor vehicle in the commission of crime, operating a colorum vehicle, and driving under the influence.

    The driver’s license of an erring motorist may be suspended if he/she will accumulate 10 demerit points, while earning 40 points will result in its revocation.

    Galvante said the 10-year validity of driver’s licenses aims to incentivize those who strictly obey traffic laws.