DOE, DA explore use of RE in agri-fisheries sector


    The Department of Energy (DOE) has signed a 10-year partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the formulation and implementation of a Renewable Energy Program for the Agriculture and Fishery Sector (REP-AFS).

    The agencies said the program will promote the use of cost-efficient renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, small-scale geothermal and biomass for fuel and power generation.

    The program will help reduce the cost of production in agriculture and fisheries and accelerate the sector’s modernization, mechanization and agro-industrialization leading to food security, environment protection and sustainable development.

    DA Secretary William Dar said the partnership will also contribute in reducing the cost of production for the farmers and fishers.

    DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi said the partnership will also promote connectivity of food, water and electricity.

    Under the agreement, the DA and DOE will strengthen and expand the implementation of existing renewable energy programs, projects and technologies such as solar-powered irrigation systems, biomass gasifier and small-scale geothermal energy for the agri-fishery sector.

    The REP-AFS will also seek the use of renewable energy technologies in post-harvest facilities and greenhouses apart from collaboration with research and development institutions, state colleges, universities and the private sector.

    It will also provide technical and other support services to local manufacturers, fabricators, and suppliers of locally-produced equipment and components of RE-powered agri-fishery systems to encourage technology innovation through public private partnerships and joint venture arrangements, among other legal instruments.

    A joint technical working group will also be created to develop the detailed programs and projects, address policy and technical requirements and attend to other related concerns.