DFNN unit to operate online gaming


    DFNN Inc. was granted by the Philippine Gaming and Amusement Corp. (Pagcor) the country’s first license to operate an online gaming platform.

    DFNN said in a statement the license was granted to DFNN’s unit Inter-Active Entertainment Solutions Technologies Inc. (IEST), owner and operator of multiple gaming Pagcor licenses which provide betting and gaming technologies. IEST also creates and supplies proprietary systems and technology platform inside partnered gaming outlets.

    The company’s online game InPlay is a new remote gaming platform developed to be an extension of IETS’ current land-based system allowing a certain part of gaming take place in the privacy of a client’s own home.

    “However, this service is only available to VIP players who must meet strict eligibility and registration procedures as well as rigid KYC (know-your-client) protocols; including a two-way video call, personal registration and fund deposit & withdrawal at the outlet,” DFNN said.

    DFNN said its suite of technology capabilities “guarantee that all these security protocols are successfully executed.”

    “Aside from providing a remote gaming capability, InPlay represents a significant measure towards regenerating revenues for the government,” the company said.

    “The main focus now should be combating illegals and the industry should work in unison to do so. Illegal online casino has been flourishing, becoming so creative as to engage agents/affiliates in order to differentiate themselves by forming clubs to recruit players. In many countries, both online and land-based, gaming has co-existed for many years and all remained profitable,” said Calvin Lim, DFNN chief executive officer.

    Lim noted that a simple search on social media will give anyone access to countless old and newly created groups with some even having close to 200,000 members.

    “Imagine the amount of transactions, money changing hands without a single trace to be used for criminal activities (i.e., money laundering). So many people have been scammed falling prey to identity theft and credit card fraud by illegal operators using social media platforms, even plastering the logos of government agencies such as DTI, DOF and PAGCOR to lure players. Anything illegal is unsafe and detrimental to the economy,” he said.

    “These illegal operators take the government’s business and revenue allotted for charity and various free social services. Worse, it siphons money overseas to the detriment of the economy taking away much needed aid for indigent Filipinos,” Lim added.

    Lim said that with InPlay, “an extremely regulated gaming platform with high-end technological capabilities to ensure legal and secure transactions, will provide much needed revenue and greatly help the government fight the proliferation of illegal online gaming while keeping high standards technology-wise.”