Delivery riders decry delayed salary


    Hundreds of gig economy delivery motorcycle riders expressed dismay to an online selling platform and its contractors for delayed salary, unpaid incentives and benefits and non-payment of accident insurance.

    Around 600 delivery riders working for Placer 8 Agency are set to file several labor complaints at the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) against these companies over non-payment of salary and benefits since October 2020.

    The riders also accused these online sellers of reneging on their commitment to provide them the accident insurance policy.

    “We are gravely concerned over these mounting labor abuses on the growing delivery and ridesharing gig industry workers. While there are no tailor-fit policies ensuring protection to these type of workers, we have to invoke, for now, existing labor laws for these abused riders,” said Neil Estrella, chairperson of Sakay Transport Cooperative.

    According to Estrella, the gig industry economy is growing fast because of its practical and vital mobility role it is playing during this pandemic quarantine.

    Estrella said the number of delivery and ridesharing motorcycle riders serving online passenger online booking and online buyers are around 100,000 in Metro Manila alone following the surge for greater contactless mobile-app transaction created by quarantine restrictions.

    The circulation of a video over the holidays posted on Facebook showed numerous people identified as delivery riders for Shopee congregating outside the Placer 8 Agency in Taguig.