Converge ICT doubles fiber infra in 2020


    Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has more than doubled its fiber network infrastructure in 2020, making available high-speed broadband internet to more areas in the country.

    Converge said it has expanded its fiber optic cables to 55,000 kilometers last year, a 107 percent increase from about 26,600 km. laid down at the end of 2019.

    “We have been accelerating the expansion of our fiber optic network because we wanted to reach the underserved and unserved areas in the country which are longing for fiber-fast internet service,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, Converge chief executive officer.

    With this fiber infrastructure, Converge has made available nearly 2.7 million fiber to the home ports for broadband customers nationwide.

    As of end-December 2020, Converge residential subscribers reached over one million, nearly double from around 529,000 the previous year.

    “We are well on track to meeting our goal of reaching over 15 million or 55 percent of Philippine households by 2025 and ready to serve the high-speed broadband requirements of the majority of our people,” said Uy.

    “As of December 2020, Converge recorded 6.1 million homes passed, accounting for 25 percent of total households in the country,” he added.

    Converge is implementing its twin strategies – Go Deep and Go National – for its network expansion.

    With its “Go Deep” strategy, Converge said it aims to penetrate unserved and underserved areas within its existing customer base.

    For the “Go National” strategy, the company plans to complete within the year the expansion of its network coverage nationwide by connecting Luzon with Visayas and Mindanao through a primary domestic fiber backbone.

    Converge is the only fixed broadband provider in the country that utilizes end-to-end pure-play fiber optic technology from the national backbone to its distribution network. Fiber optic internet is said to be the future of broadband as it can provide the fastest speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second currently.