Construction of Quezon bridge in full swing

    Suppler. Republic Cement is the only cement manufacturer licensed to produce Type 2 cement in Luzon.

    Construction of the the longest bridge in Calabarzon, the Roma Point Bridge also known as the Alabat Bridge, is in full swing.

    The 1.7-kilometer bridge will connect Alabat Island to mainland Quezon province.

    The project broke ground in 2018. Foundation posts have been put in place as of March 2020.

    Previously, the only transportation between the island and mainland Luzon were boat trips.

    The Alabat Bridge project needed a special type of cement since parts of the structure will be submerged under seawater. The Type 2 cement was ideal as this can withstand constant sulfate attack.

    The specialty cement was provided by Republic Cement, the only cement manufacturer that is licensed to produce Type 2 cement in Luzon.

    Republic has also provided technical assistance through on-site trial mixes, raw materials testing, and concrete training for the project contractors through its Fast Lab on Wheels (FLOW) Truck. The project is being undertaken in partnership with contractor MG Lualhati Construction Corp.