BUT SERVICE FAR FROM BEING FASTEST: PH mobile data rates among cheapest

    Portability. Mobile phone users can keep their numbers even when they transfer to another service provider, or when they switch their subscription from postpaid to prepaid, or vice-versa.

    Mobile data in the Philippines continues to be among the cheapest in the world but costly in Southeast Asian at $1.42 or P68.8 per gigabyte (GB), according to a United Kingdom-based site.

    According to cable.co.uk’s internet pricing study for 2020, the average cost of mobile data in the Philippines ranks number 60 out of 228 surveyed countries.

    In Southeast Asia, the Philippines ranked sixth in the most affordable mobile data services.

    It is still costly compared to Vietnam which offers $0.57 per GB, Indonesia’s $0.64 per GB, Myanmar’s $0.78 per GB, Malaysia’s $1.12 per GB and Thailand’s mobile data services at $1.23 per GB.

    India has the cheapest mobile data services worldwide at $0.09 per GB.

    However, the Philippines’ mobile internet speed is among the slowest worldwide and in Southeast region, according to Ookla global speed report on August 2020.

    The Philippines ranked 120 out of 140 countries surveyed globally with 16.44 megabits per seconds mobile internet speed slowest compared to Southeast Asian region, Singapore which ranked 12th with 58.44 mbps speed, Thailand ranked 57 with 34.08 mbps, Vietnam has 33.61 mbps, Laos has 26.86 mbps, Malaysia has 24.69 mbps, and Indonesia has 17.03 mbps.