BPS to set up own cement testing facility


    The Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) targets to set up its own testing facility for cement within this semester to address concerns on the quality of imports.

    Neil Catajay, BPS director, in an interview Konsyumer Atbp over the weekend procurement of equipment for the agency’s facility is ongoing.

    Catajay said at present, testing is conducted by two third-party laboratories. BPS also accepts test results conducted by recognized testing laboratories abroad prior to shipment.

    But these are subject to a separate set of requirements: foreign testing laboratories should be accredited by bodies that are signatories to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

    Catajay explained cement imports upon arrival at the ports have to apply for BPS certification to facilitate their transfer to a designated warehouse where the BPS will conduct the inspection. This will ensure shipments are not held up at the ports and cause congestion.

    Samples are obtained randomly and taken to testing laboratories.

    Results are evaluated by the BPS and cement shipments that pass the test are issued certification.