BOC collects P138M from overstaying cargoes


    The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has disposed 586 overstaying containers through various modes of disposition, such as auction, condemnation and donation, for the first quarter of 2021.

    The BOC, in a statement yesterday, said it collected P138.54 million from the public auction of 354 overstaying containers of assorted items such as rice and galvanized steel, among others, and condemnation of 232 containers, tallying a total of 586 disposed containers.

    These overstaying containers are either abandoned or seized under Sections 1139 and 1141 of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act which provides for the conditions and modes of disposition, respectively.

    Furthermore, cargoes which weren’t withdrawn within the regulatory period of 30 calendar days from payment of duties, taxes and other charges shall be deemed abandoned, unless covered by duly issued alert order, and upon the finality of the Decree of Abandonment, the bureau shall then determine the proper disposition among auction, condemnation or donation.

    “These disposition activities are aimed at efficiently facilitating trade by eliminating port and yard congestion, thereby ensuring smooth flow of business within the agency,” the BOC said.

    “With the momentum that the BOC has set for the first quarter of 2021, the BOC, through continuous monitoring and compliance with its mandates, assures the public that it will remain steadfast in its efforts of ensuring unhampered delivery of its services, especially in these trying times that the movement of goods, essentials and non-essentials, is deemed both substantial and critical,” it added.

    The BOC earlier reported it surpassed its March 2021 collection target by 14.2 percent or P6.8 billion based on the preliminary report.

    The BOC generated P54.5 billion in March, against the P47.7 billion target.

    This year’s March collection is higher than the P44.6 billion collected in the same time last year by 22.1 percent or P9.8 billion. – Angela Celis