Biz registration simplified


    The Anti -Red Tape Authority (ARTA) has set ambitious goals in streamlining further business processes in government agencies for 2021.

    In his presentation at the general membership meeting of the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc., ARTA director-general Jeremiah Belgica said the recently launched first phase of the Central Business Portal (CBP targets to bring down to up to one step and half day the processing of business registrations this year from 13 steps and 33 days in 2020.

    In his presentation, Belgica also gave an update on the NEHEMIA Program which reduces time, costs, requirements or procedures in five priority sector by 52 percent in 52 weeks: telecommunication connectivity, logistics, socialized housing, food and pharma and power and energy.

    Belgica explained under the CBP, application for registration in the Food and Drug Administration and the Land Transportation, two of the national agencies in the pilot,  the number of steps will be reduced to 9 from 28 (68 pecent); requirements to 12 from 41 ( 71 percent and; number of days to 21 from 63 (67 percent).

    For program NEHEMIA,  a sectoral-based streamlining effort, ARTA aims to cut permits, requirements, days in processing telco permits from 30 to 8, 86 to 35 and 241 to 16, respectively.

    So far the program has facilitated about 10,000 tower permits since the issuance of a joint memorandum circular (JMC) with concerned agencies.

    Belgica said similar JMCs are being crafted for logistics and socialized housing through the use of automation and the creation of one-stop shop, respectively.