Barrio Fiesta bullish, expands lineup


    Prime Global Corp. (PGC), makers of Barrio Fiesta products, said the company is pushing through with its expansion plan despite the pandemic, seeing bright spot in rise of home cooks and online entrepreneurs.

    Vincent Ace Villa-Real, president and chief operating officer of PGC, said the company aims to further dominate the shrimp paste market in both domestic and international markets this year.

    Villa-Real added PGC aspires to be among the top local companies in the sauces, dressings, condiments and package foods categories in the next three years.

    Barrio Fiesta commands a 65-percent market share of the local sautéed shrimp paste category and 95 percent of the international market 2019.

    Earlier this year, PGC launched its condiments and snacks lines: the Barrio Fiesta Gourmet Series Patis (fish sauce), Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk (spiced sugar cane vinegar), Barrio Fiesta Crispy Joy Breading Mix, Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter Spreads, Barrio Fiesta Chicken and Beef Broth Cubes, and Barrio Fiesta Jumbo Roasted Peanuts.

    Reychelle Ann Gigante, PGC marketing head, said while there are small online entrepreneurs selling specialty or artisanal bagoong and condiments, Barrio Fiesta is the only brand able to produce and distribute its products at scale commercially, across local and international markets.

    Barrio Fiesta has recalibrated its sales approach, using a multi-channel availability.

    Even as it shifts to digital marketing and strengthening its presence in electronic commerce and in social media, Barrio Fiesta maintains presence in physical stores as its primary trade channel. These are supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, drug stores and sari-sari-stores.

    PGC counts on the Filipinos’ familiarity with its heritage products to remain as the go-to brand for staple condiments even amid the rise of artisanal, home-made brands, given the scope of its production and distribution reach.

    “The Barrio Fiesta retail brand is one of the few remaining Filipino heritage brands whose equity can cut across the broad spectrum of the culinary and food industries. We intend to make the most of the equity. We can’t be a single product company; category expansion whether organic or thru external synergies is a given,” Villa-Real said.