Aussie firm invests P4B


    An Australian company has invested P4.4 billion in the Philippines to become its central hub for manufacturing as well as back office services center of its five manufacturing facilities through China, Australia and New Zealand.

    Anthony Karam, executive chairman of TMA Group of Companies, at the launch of the Make it Campaign held virtually yesterday said the company had consolidated both the head office and shared services and manufacturing in the Philippines, citing favorable investment environment that includes incentives, low-cost wage structure, English-speaking skills of workers, as well as the location of the country and its timezone with both Australia and New Zealand where most of its customers are located.

    The company in 2009 won a 25-year joint venture with Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office for a thermal coating plant producing products typically used for printing boarding passes, lotto tickets, betting slips, ticket tags, coffee cups all for export for brands like Qantas, Australia Post, New Zealand post among others.

    The facility is located in Laguna.

    “We’ve invested today P4.4 billion in that facility which is approximately A$100 million … upon maturity we’ll have up to 1,500 Filipinos employed,” Karam said.

    The company also runs from the Philippines a 24-hour, seven-days a week help desk, as well as finance, accounting, procurement and purchasing operations.