ATN supplies railway project


    ATN Holdings said it has started to deliver concrete aggregates to the North-South Commuter Railway, one of the country’s major infrastructure projects.

    The company is into real estate, renewable energy, technology and operates one of the country’s largest rock-extraction sites.

    Last September , ATN said it has commenced delivery of rock aggregates to the project to be used as construction materials. ATN’s rock-extraction facilities are built on a 254-hectare privately-owned property in Rodriguez, Rizal with a capacity of 500 tons per hour.

    Previously, ATN disclosed indicated rock reserves of around 65 million tons, equivalent to an estimated accreted value of P65 billion. To date, it has an existing inventory of at least 1 million tons of high-grade rock aggregates for future deployment.

    ATN is in discussions for rock supply arrangements with various public and private proponents for large-scale infrastructure projects. – R. Castro