ATN readies batching plant


    ATN Holdings Inc. looks to spend P100 million for its planned five-storey batching plant as it ventures into the production of pre-mixed concrete.

    The company earlier said it intends to complete the facility within the month.

    The company whose business is in concrete aggregates, is diversifying its product line with the addition of pre-mixed concrete products, ready-for- pouring to formworks to make concrete structure.

    The company earlier said the facility will feature “cutting-edge technology equipped with a mixing efficiency of around 60-cubic meters per hour.”

    “This facility complements and extends our range of products as a vertically-integrated maker of premium construction materials. At this point, we are finalizing test runs to ensure optimal efficiency and technical stability,” said Arsenio Ng, ATN chairman.

    “In addition, this strategic move will allow ATN to diversify its revenue streams and better serve the massive requirements of the robust construction sector,” he added.

    Ng said ATN is initially targeting a yearly production output of approximately 77,000 cubic meter of pre-mixed concrete products to be made out of high-grade rock aggregates from its crushing plant.