ASIDE FROM vegie production: Short-gestating agri projects pushed


    The Department of Agriculture (DA) said it will implement short-gestating farm and fishery projects in communities to that help perk up the local economies, ensure adequate supply of affordable food and provide farmers and fishermen a steady income amid the pandemic.

    “In addition to vegetable production, we will promote raising of native chicken, quail and goat, including cattle feedlot fattening, and aquaculture, among other agri-livelihood projects that can be harvested, as early as one month and onwards,” said DA Secretary William Dar.

    Dar said this will complement Bayanihan 2 which will bankroll agri-fishery productivity and income-enhancement projects and provide social protection and amelioration initiatives to the country’s marginalized sector.

    Dar so far, 442 local government units (LGUs) have directly procured a total of P2.6 billion worth of agri-fishery products from farmers and fishers for distribution in food packs during the pandemic.

    But the DA is encouraging LGUs and the Department of Labor and Employment and the Department of Social Welfare and Development to include chicken in their food packs to help ease the supply glut and stabilize prices.