Arbitration preferred mode in settling disputes


    The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is revitalizing its arbitration service in a bid to heighten its use among intellectual property (IP) owners, rights holders, and users who can hugely benefit from this alternative dispute resolution (ADR) route.

    IPOPHL in a statement said it is considering to have the arbitration option available right away.

    Parties would have the opportunity when availing ADR to choose between mediation or arbitration.

    To widen the reach of IPOPHL’s ADR services, IPOPHL opened up its mediation outside litigation services. This means that parties may avail of ADR services even without or prior to the filing of a case. Arbitration services for this will follow suit.

    Josephine Santiago, IPOPHL director-general, said the enhancements will ensure zero backlog of cases at IPOPHL’s Bureau of Legal Affairs (BLA). In 2018, total disposals improved by 6 percent from the previous year.

    Arbitration is one of the out-of-court dispute resolution methods widely tapped today by both the public and private sectors. Decisions drawn out from arbitral proceedings are legally binding and recognized by the courts. Parties could go to court to enforce arbitral awards.

    In mediation, the opposing parties are encouraged to consider to agree and make concessions to arrive at the most mutually beneficial solution for them. Mediation costs less than maintaining litigation.

    IPOPHL In October 2018,