Animal disease center planned in Pampanga


    The Department of Agriculture has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Pampanga State Agricultural University to fund the development of technologies that can accurately detect and effectively manage, control and contain emerging animal diseases.

    “This project… boost(s) our capacity to accurately detect and effectively manage emerging animal diseases, including that of transboundary diseases in Central Luzon and nearby regions… ,” Agriculture secretary William Dar, said in a statement.

    The DNA Analysis for Accurate Diagnosis of Emerging Deadly Viruses among Agri-fisheries of Central Luzon will be funded by the Bureau of Agricultural Research for P6.4 million.

    It is expected to provide information that can be used by drug manufacturing industries to build custom-designed vaccines that target the viral strains present in a locale using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing.

    The project will also determine genotypes on the causative agent of emerging deadly viruses including African swine fever, New Castle disease, avian flu, tilapia lake virus, white spot syndrome virus.