ADB to finance P9B Marikina bridges


    The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) yesterday said it signed agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) a loan application to finance the construction of three bridges crossing Marikina River worth over P9 billion.

    Currently, DPWH and consulting firm Dasan JV are working on the detailed engineering design (DED) of J.P. Rizal-Lopez Jaena bridge and Marcos Highway-St. Mary bridge both in Marikina City; and Kabayani-Katipunan avenue extension bridge connecting Marikina and Quezon City.

    The conduct of DED also under the ADB’s infrastructure preparation and innovation facility since July 2020 is critical to the successful and timely execution of the procurement of civil works.

    The DPWH with support from the DED consultant has led consultations with the cities of of Marikina and Quezon and in coordination with its relevant teams to confirm the alignments of the three bridges. The projects are fully supported by the local government units per letter received by DPWH last December 2020.

    The proposed J.P. Rizal-Lopez Jaena bridge will be a steel nielsen arch bridge with a length of 687 meters and a main bridge of 460 meters. The bridge will require P1.61 billion.

    The J.P. Rizal-St. Mary Bridge will be the longest with a length of 1,444 meters including a main bridge of 330 meters connecting J.P. Rizal street and A. Bonifacio avenue. It will be a pre-stressed concrete extradosed bridge costing P5.74 billion.

    The Marikina-Vista Real Bridge will be a 940-meter pre-stressed concrete extradosed bridge including main bridge which is 485