9 digital-rich jobs in demand in PH


    Nine sectors, mostly requiring digital skills, have been identified as among the emerging work-from-home jobs in the Philippines as remote working arrangements flourish.

    LinkedIn in its 2021 Jobs On The Rise Report for Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) identified these as: digital content specialist; finance and insurance; education, digital marketing specialists; electronic commerce; business development and sales; healthcare and medical support; customer service and; supply chain.

    The report identified remote working as an overarching trend among all roles identified in the list. Globally, remote job opportunities in LinkedIn increased four times in June.

    Trends in the Philippines reflect the behavior of consumers Southeast Asia, who  have gone increasingly digital.

    The report said because of this, brands have found new ways to connect with consumers, leading to a rise in demand for digital marketers and content creators.

    E-commerce boomed in 2020, pushed by the restrictions and health protocols brought by the new coronavirus diseases 2019.

    The report highlighted the need for digital and soft skills in navigating the remote work environment adopted by organizations.

    LinkedIn said  employers had shifted from hiring based on credentials, and to hiring based on skills held.

    For example in the Philippines, digital content specialists are expected to have public speaking, proofreading, video editing and creative writing skills for specific jobs like editor, copywriter, Podcaster, Youtuber and video editor.