67 qualify as CREM suppliers


    The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has granted a total of 42 retail electricity supplier (RES) licenses and authorized 25 Local RES in the second quarter of the year, qualifying them to compete for the supply of electricity of contestable customers in the Competitive Retail Electricity Market (CREM).

    Under CREM, contestable customers or those consuming 750 kilowatts (kw) and above monthly, have the option to choose their own electricity provider.

    Agnes Devanadera, ERC chair, said in a statement the total number of registered contestable customers issued with Certificates of Contestability is at 2,089 of which 1,460 or 70 percent have entered into Retail Supply Contracts (RSC) or with customers that have decided to source electricity from an RES. The rest stayed with the regulated services of their respective distribution utilities ERC evaluation revealed 11 RES have decided to offer lower rates for the quarter while 14 RES have maintained their previous quarter’s offer prices and only 7 RES have increased their prices.