2GO connects suppliers to major trade destinations nationwide


    To ensure business sustainability, companies need to optimize their inventory, lower overall costs of logistics, improve margins, and ensure product availability.

    2GO Group, Inc., the Philippines’ largest and broadest integrated logistics and transportation provider, eliminates inefficiencies in supply chains through its latest service innovation, 2GO Connect.

    2GO Connect offers fast, reliable, and direct service to modern trade points of sales nationwide. It is an attractive option for businesses since it enables inventories to be delivered straight to the malls and the modern trade, bypassing multiple handling points.

    With 2GO Connect, the cost of transportation is dramatically reduced, and the product quality is safeguarded.

    “We integrate our broad multimodal transportation services to enable fast, reliable, and direct service to replenish goods at the malls, as the economy gradually reopens in 2021,” 2GO Chief Operating Officer Waldo Basilla said.

    “This gives customers from the Visayas and Mindanao regions access to the same catalogues available in Metro Manila, almost at the same time that it is launched,” he added.

    2GO Connect leverages off its unique ROPAX service and its expansive landside network to deliver to core mall destinations such as Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, and Bacolod four times weekly.

    “Cargoes are consolidated at the origin, and those bound for the same destination are grouped in a container and created a train-like schedule for regular deliveries straight to the malls,” Basilla explained.