March 22, 2018, 4:27 am
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Online ventures target global

by Reuters on December 17, 2014
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DUBAI - From travel guides to shopping portals, new Internet ventures aim to capitalize on the growing “Muslim lifestyle” market, which is expanding beyond food to include areas such as tourism, fashion and credit cards.

India blocks Xiaomi sales due

by Raymund Omanito on December 17, 2014
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A major blow to the overseas expansion plans of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc., the Delhi High Court has passed an order suspending the sales of Xiaomi devices.

BlackBerry expects bigger acce

by Antonio Delos Reyes on December 10, 2014
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Canadian mobile phone company BlackBerry Limited is looking to reenergize interest in its brand with the launch of the new Blackberry Passport in the Philippines. Known as the original smartphone, BlackBerry lost footing with the rapid influx of more techno-savvy competitors over the past years. With the launch of the Passport, BlackBerry is soldering its connections and showing with confidence, that the brand and the company behind it is still a contender in the high-strung rivalry of the smartphone market.

An online doctor you are not

by RAYMOND GREGORY B. TRIBDINO on December 10, 2014
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“Never rely on one’s online abilities to cure thyself.”

Torque launches new #headturne

December 10, 2014
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Turn your head upside down! Christmas will be more exciting as Torque launches the new evolution of Phablets:  The DROIDZ SWIVEL, DROIDZ PIVOT, DROIDZ ROTATE and DROIDZ AXIS. The notable feature of these Phablets is the Rotating Camera, with high-end specs to boot.

Blackberry tie up to improve o

by Reuters on December 10, 2014
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BlackBerry Ltd and NantHealth, a healthcare-focused data provider, launched a secure cancer genome browser on Sunday, giving doctors the ability to access patients’ genetic data on the BlackBerry Passport smartphone.

Fraud from robots represents a

December 10, 2014
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Almost one-fourth of video ads and 11 percent of display ads are viewed by fake consumers created by cyber crime networks seeking to take a chunk of the billions of dollars spent on digital advertising, according to a new research report released on Tuesday.

Amazon to use bike messengers

December 10, 2014
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E-commerce giant Inc plans to experiment with bike messengers to offer deliveries in New York City within an hour, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

Sony back on track after cyber

by Reuters on December 10, 2014
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Sony Corp said its PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network had been disrupted by hackers in a distributed denial-of-service attack on Monday.

Biggest hi-definition display

by Reuters on December 03, 2014
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NEW YORK - The biggest advertising billboard in Times Square history, longer that a football field and eight stories high, will light up for the first time on Tuesday.


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CenterLaw voids Duterte’s decision

By NESTOR MATA | March 22, 2018
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