July 19, 2018, 4:13 am
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No closure on Jonas Burgos

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by DODY LACUNA on April 30, 2014
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‘The open defiance of the military against the Supreme Court and the President on this issue has been brazen.’

The pleasure of his company...

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by DAHLI ASPILLERA on April 30, 2014
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‘This visit is very, very important to the Philippines because it is like this tiny, skinny boy being kicked to the sand by this big bully . Now, we have this Big Brother behind us with a club. – Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis.’

More like….Korea?

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by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on April 30, 2014
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‘Imagine the South Korean prime minister resigning over the ferry disaster as his way of taking responsibility for what happened! How un-Filipino!’

Obama tells it like it is, alm

April 30, 2014
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‘Obama said what needs to be heard by our leaders.’

Breaking the habit or hiking r

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by AMADO P. MACASAET on April 29, 2014
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‘The Aquino government was clearly using the issue of health in increasing the excise tax on cigarettes but it cannot show results.’

Who told Miriam what?

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by DUCKY PAREDES on April 29, 2014
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‘What makes Santiago’s outburst incredible to me is her conclusion that her bete noire Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will do everything to implicate her and the allies of President Aquino in the pork barrel scam.’

Time to say goodbye, Mr. Aquin

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by NESTOR MATA on April 29, 2014
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‘Lately, talks have re-surfaced about removing President Aquino either through recall or impeachment for violations of the Constitution.’

Baring the EDCA

ROMEO Y. LIM's picture
by ROMEO Y. LIM on April 29, 2014
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‘It debt is more than the number of Chinese and US citizens combined. In other words: we’re screwed.’

Meet killer MERS-CoronaVirus

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by PHILIP S. CHUA on April 29, 2014
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‘Anyone who has visited the Middle East and develops fever or flu-like symptoms should avoid contact with people and seek immediate medical care.’

Worst fears are taking shape

April 29, 2014
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‘Which we fear was the idea in the first place, given all the cozy-cozy shown Napoles by Palace people when she first “surrendered.”’


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Tomodachi Tangle

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‘Jose Rizal’s life is serialized as a Japanese manga (comics).’

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The Departure Lounge

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By PHILIP S. CHUA | July 19, 2018
‘Growing old is a great privilege denied many. Let us relish every second we have left.’