March 22, 2018, 2:43 am
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Opinion Of The Day

Time for a makeover

by PHILIP S. CHUA on February 08, 2018
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‘For dieters, those who are watching their weight or counting calories, these occasions are tough times.’

SIM registration risks outweig

by ELLEN TORDESILLAS on February 07, 2018
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‘FMA enjoins the public to remain vigilant and resist any or all measures that aim to narrow individual space for privacy and other related rights and freedoms.’

Whiff of corruption

by REY O. ARCILLA on February 06, 2018
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‘Make peace? Paano na ‘yung alleged corruption against Balutan? Di ba dapat imbestigahan ‘yun?” – An ardent supporter of Digong.’

Spawning the specter of censo

by DEAN DELA PAZ on February 06, 2018
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‘While press freedom is a paramount value in a democracy, more so is the Constitution.’

The ‘garbage’ continues to sti

by ELLEN TORDESILLAS on February 05, 2018
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‘That “garbage” that is his bank deposits continues to stink and the foul smell is getting unbearable.’

Carandang relieved for ‘nothin

by ELLEN TORDESILLAS on February 02, 2018
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‘…It’s like him being caught in a quicksand: every move that he makes causes him to sink deeper.’

Rx for e-addicts

by PHILIP S. CHUA on February 01, 2018
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‘When children show signs of withdrawal, consider a therapist before it gets worse. Digital detoxification is needed.’

If bank documents are fake, wh

by ELLEN TORDESILLAS on January 31, 2018
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‘If AMLAC was telling the truth that they didn’t send anything to the Ombudsman, what did Carandang leak?’

Leap to hell or stairway to he

by ABIGAIL VALTE on January 30, 2018
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‘Every administration has its cha-cha phase, where charter change takes center stage in the national consciousness.’

Perks and a prostitute’s pract

by DEAN DELA PAZ on January 30, 2018
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‘That is the reality of Philippine legislation. Loopholes abound.’


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Column of the Day

Realities of aging

By PHILIP S. CHUA | March 22,2018
‘We no longer have any excuse not to maximize our health and longevity.’

Opinion of the Day

CenterLaw voids Duterte’s decision

By NESTOR MATA | March 22, 2018
‘The Center for International Law (CenterLaw) voids Duterte’s decision to withdraw from the UNCHR and ICC.’