March 31, 2017, 8:23 am
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Opinion Of The Day

Finally, pleasant sea voyages

by DUCKY PAREDES on October 15, 2013
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‘Perhaps, the day will come when we will witness the arrival of luxury ships docking at North Port where the surrounding community that tourists can see is also fully developed with shops, instead of pickpockets.’

The people’s anger intensifies

by NESTOR MATA on October 15, 2013
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‘This time the outrage over the misuse and abuse of billions in pork barrel funds from the public purse shifts to President Aquino and his clique of advisers.’

Bonds are hot

by AMADO P. MACASAET on October 14, 2013
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‘Nothing would indicate preference for bonds than oversubscription which in turn is a manifestation of feeling of safety.’

Illegal sources of DAP

by BENJAMIN E. DIOKNO on October 14, 2013
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‘I have yet to see, on the DBM website, a formal budget issuance (a budget circular or a national budget memorandum), creating the DAP circa 2011.’

PDAF/DAP worries

by DUCKY PAREDES on October 14, 2013
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‘Is the DAP illegal and all wrong? Or is the DAP what moved our economy to bring this country up in its economic ranking among the world’s economies?’

Why the shutdown?

by DAHLI ASPILLERA on October 14, 2013
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‘In America, health care has always been a private for-profit industry. Health care prices were tightly controlled; practices unfair. ObamaCare offered a solution.’

Rewarding a violation

by AMADO P. MACASAET on October 11, 2013
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‘It is a supreme insult to the sovereignty of the Republic of the Philippines if the Aquino government comes to a settlement—for sums of money—with Fraport.’

Ridding himself of the KKK

by DUCKY PAREDES on October 11, 2013
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‘Now that Torres has gone, can Biazon be far behind? President Aquino has to rid himself of his KKK -- Kaibigan, Kaklase & Kabarilan -- to do a better job.’

Illegal Chinese in constructio

by DAHLI ASPILLERA on October 11, 2013
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‘Yes, Virginia. Santa Claus granted P-Noy’s top Season’s Wish--your retirement!’

Of taxes and perks

by AMADO P. MACASAET on October 10, 2013
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‘Business and the economy become stronger when they survive by their wits, not by the financial aid or some forms of subsidy given by the state.’


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Front Page

Column of the Day

Escape from true healing

By DODY LACUNA | March 31,2017
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‘The power to forgive and the grace to accept it are not inside us.’

Opinion of the Day

A barbaric fraternity

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | March 31, 2017
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‘On the case of a mauled-to-death frat recruit, how shocking to hear Judge Perla Cabrera-Faller’s verdict that no one is to blame for the death of Marc Andrei Marcos...’