June 24, 2017, 8:12 am
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No-nonsense fight against cor

April 05, 2017
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‘We have a no-nonsense president who not only dares to criticize and curses the Catholic Church, the media, and the drug syndicates but also shows by example that he means what he says and is ready to take correct, though personally hurting, decisions.’

Wall of silence

April 04, 2017
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‘After a year of hearing the same profanity-laden speeches again and again, Duterte’s novelty as a folksy-homey speaker has started to wear off.’

Never give an inch

April 04, 2017
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‘In any negotiation or tug of war, if one party gives a hand, the opponent would wish for an arm and try hard to get it. The government panel, taking their cue from President Rodrigo Duterte, is duly warned never to give an inch.’

Good reasons needed for postpo

April 03, 2017
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‘If four out of ten barangay officials are drug addicts, pushers, and protectors, why not file charges against them?’

Dogmatic anachronism

March 31, 2017
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‘After 50 years of armed struggle, it behooves the NPA – and the CPP which formulates its policies – to conduct a real, honest-to-goodness CSC (criticism and self-criticism), a revered practice in Marxism.’

They’re ganging up on Rody

March 29, 2017
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‘The similarities between the events prior to Erap’s downfall and those happening today cannot but point to the possibility of Duterte’s perdition.’

Victims twice over

March 28, 2017
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‘But to punish them with removal from the list or even a couple of months’ suspension of the grant would only make them victims twice.’ 

Digong addresses barangay prob

March 28, 2017
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‘The Chief Executive is worried that another barangay election would cement these officials’ mandate in their areas, and the Philippines will soon find itself as a full-fledged narco-state.’

Question everything

March 27, 2017
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‘Filipinos are well advised to heed the call of Leonen in this age of fake news and propaganda, fake resource persons and testimonies, even outright lies, before the Senate and the Commission on Appointments.’

Knotty question

March 24, 2017
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‘If De Lima’s cases end up being transferred to the Sandiganbayan, the idea of a torrent of cases against ranking public officials flooding the court docket for years is pretty unlikely.’


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Column of the Day

The hidden danger in Marawi

By JOSE BAYANI BAYLON | June 23,2017
‘What was supposed to be a simple police action has turned out to be the most serious military operation to date in the Duterte administration.’

Opinion of the Day

Metabolism: Why dieting fails

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | June 23, 2017
‘My doctor said that both hands lifting a gallon-size pail up to shoulder height daily can help my body’s fat-burning ability.’