January 24, 2018, 1:31 am
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Making semantics get rid of ug

December 18, 2013
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‘If and when a framework agreement on rotational presence is signed, we hope it is not used to circumvent the prohibition against foreign military bases in the country.’

Black Monday on the Skyway

December 17, 2013
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‘It was not the first time that a unit of Don Mariano Transit was involved in a road accident.’

In the end, much ado about not

December 16, 2013
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‘But nothing is likely to come out of this exercise, specially when it comes to members of Congress.’

It takes more than good looks

December 13, 2013
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‘Anyway, here’s to good sailing in his self-appointed task of seeking wisdom.’

So who gets blamed in the end?

December 12, 2013
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‘When the smoke clears in this blame game, you can bet your bottom peso everybody will come up smelling like roses. That’s the way the game is played around here.’

Where has the elusive Misuari

December 11, 2013
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‘Misuari’s escape is an embarrassment for the Aquino government.’

The mayor tells it like it is

December 10, 2013
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‘To even utter those words in a time of widespread disaster and suffering, when everybody should be pulling together, is the height of insensitivity.’

Stranger things have happened

December 09, 2013
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‘Stranger things have happened in this administration and we are betting the Leviste caper will not be the last.’

Not one of Senate’s finest mom

December 06, 2013
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‘The sight of two honorable lawmakers trying to be self-righteous is not entertaining. It’s nauseating.’

Why did Biazon really quit?

December 05, 2013
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‘The pork scam charges appear to be weak and it wouldn’t be surprising if Biazon gets cleared.


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Column of the Day

Facebook’s constant state of denial

By ABIGAIL VALTE | January 23,2018
‘Funny that Facebook is concerned about objectivity problems but turns around and gives the users the power to rank based on their standards of trustworthiness.’

Opinion of the Day

Ressa and Mocha

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | January 24, 2018
‘Two female news dispensers, CEO Maria Ressa of Rappler On-line News and Mocha Uson of the Presidential Press Office are themselves now in the news.’