January 23, 2017, 12:35 pm
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JTG Talks 'A Fashion Dissection'

Amour de Thé

by JES TAN-GAN on February 10, 2015
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TEA was once a product so revered, costly and rare that it was only offered as a gift to emperors and courtiers, a product as elite as it was noble. Giving tea represents giving the gift of health, time, and love. 

Fashion and comfort should nev

by JES TAN-GAN on January 27, 2015
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ONE thing I love about the latest trends in fashion is that comfort is in trend! Have you had the dilemma of loving how a shoe looked but couldn’t see yourself lasting in them?

Filipino designer Jeffrey Roga

by JES TAN-GAN on January 06, 2015
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MCJIM Classic Leather partnered with fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador at the recent Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Top 5 Special and Unique Chris

by JES TAN-GAN on December 23, 2014
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IT’S almost hard to believe but it is only two days before Christmas! In case you have not found the perfect gift for your loved ones here is our top 5 gift Christmas ideas.

High style low maintenance fas

by JES TAN-GAN on December 16, 2014
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PERFECTING khakis since 1986, Dockers introduces their “Get Ready” Spring-Summer 2015 collection. 

Fashion’s fresh and emerging t

by JES TAN-GAN on December 09, 2014
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AN assembly of the industry’s fresh and promising talents showcased their innovative collections for Spring/Summer 2015 at the three-day Manila Fashion Festival. 

Rustan’s jump-starts Christmas

November 25, 2014
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RUSTAN’S department store recently launched its Rustan’s Christmas Wonders with holiday surprises and beloved traditions. At the launch held in Rustan’s Tower, Shangri-La Plaza, Nutcracker Toy Soldiers greeted guests as they toured the wondrous merriment Rustan’s has prepared this holiday.

Personalize your Longchamp Le

by JES TAN-GAN on November 18, 2014
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LONGCHAMP, the world-renowned French luxury leather goods and clothing house, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its iconic bag Le Pliage this year. To commemorate this special event, Rustan’s brings to the Philippines the much-awaited “Le Pliage Cuir Personalized,” a customization service for Le Pliage Cuir, the leather adaptation of the famous Le Pliage. Le Pliage Cuir was launched in 2012 to tremendous success because of its extremely strong, soft and supple leather which retains the ability to fold in exactly the same way as the nylon version.

Skin Caring Makeup “Happy Skin

by JES TAN-GAN on October 28, 2014
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A year ago, newcomer Happy Skin dared Filipinas to be happier. It was a bold move, unheard of even. But with their skin-caring makeup, Filipinas today find themselves prettier and happier–all with happier skin.

UNIQLO launches Fall Winter 20

by JES TAN-GAN on October 21, 2014
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GLOBAL fashion giant UNIQLO unveils its second collaboration with French fashion icon Ines de la Fressange as part of its Fall Winter 2014 collection. 


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Column of the Day

Trillanes versus Zubiri, Round Two

By ELLEN TORDESILLAS | January 23,2017
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‘The confrontation between Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Miguel Zubiri at the Senate floor last Tuesday was not the first time that they clashed.’

Opinion of the Day

A day at the races

By JOSE BAYANI BAYLON | January 23, 2017
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‘I actually think I prefer just watching the horses race. A horse in full gait is such a graceful sight.’