February 18, 2018, 5:21 am
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Pageant Watch

Bravo and thank you, Megan You

by Jose D. Patao, Jr. on October 04, 2013
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THE night of September 28 will be remembered by Pinoy pageant aficionados as a night to cherish for life when Megan Young re-wrote history to become the first Filipina Miss World champion after 48 long years of waiting and hoping and longing for that oh-so-elusive  turquoise and blue Miss World crown to rest on a Pinay’s head.

It’s Cindy Miranda’s turn

by Jose D. Patao, Jr. on September 27, 2013
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FUELED by the support of her family, friends, fans and Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. organizers, and motivated by her Bb. Pilipinas Gold “sister” Mutya Johanna Datul’s victory as Miss Supranational 2013 in Belarus last September 6, Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism 2013 Joanna Cindy Veron Miranda expressed her confidence in representing the Philippines and winning the coveted crown at the 8th Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant to be held in Xianning, China on October 3.

Megan on track to become fir

by Jose D. Patao, Jr. on September 20, 2013
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EVEN before she set foot on Indonesian soil last Sept. 3, Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Lynne Young was already a favorite among the record 127 delegates who will battle it out to win the coveted Miss World 2013 crown in Bali on Sept. 28. 


by Jose D. Patao, Jr. on September 13, 2013
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Mutya Datul vies for Miss Supr

by Jose D. Patao, Jr. on September 06, 2013
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What Claudine needs to do befo

by Malaya Admin on July 30, 2013
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So  it  is  not  true  that  Claudine Barretto  is  sure  to  do  a  movie with  Star  Cinema  and  with  Viva Entertainment, like what she said when she posted her “I am back” message in social me


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Column of the Day

The remunerative rice importation

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | February 16,2018
‘The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) (15 U.S.C. § 78dd-1, et seq.) is a United States federal law known primarily for its main provision: Against bribery of foreign countries’ food management officials.’

Opinion of the Day

Ombudsman probe on Duterte wealth can be refiled

By ELLEN TORDESILLAS | February 16, 2018
‘A closed and terminated field investigation is without prejudice to the refiling of a complaint with new or additional evidence.’