July 22, 2017, 12:52 pm
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mmtci TIPS

July 21,2017
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With Eric Borja

Race 1  driven (4), st. suswa (5), real steel (2), amberdini (3)
Race 2  tellmamailbelate (5), summer style (3), leather king (1), handsome hunk (4)


A Tribute to Vidal ‘Undo’ Alcoseba: ‘Raising the Bar’

July 21,2017
VIDAL “Undo” Alcoseba Jr. (1959 – 2015) is not a familiar name in Manila, although, it should have probably been.  People often confuse him with his older brother Tony, or his nephew Darby, who are both respected painters, and whose works are often seen in Manila-based galleries.

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Column of the Day

Decades of garlic/onion smuggling

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | July 21,2017
‘It is now Garlic & Onion Harvest Time. Lea Cruz et al ought to restrain their Recados Cartel from bringing in undocumented and untaxed China and Taiwan garlic and onion.’

Opinion of the Day

Explaining (without much success) Duterte

By ELLEN TORDESILLAS | July 21, 2017
‘In his one year in office, President Duterte has shocked, stunned, and bewildered not only Filipinos but also the international community with his pronouncements.’