April 24, 2017, 9:33 pm
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Shipping and Transportation

Saudi price cut to add to Asia

April 07, 2017
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‘If this trend continues, it’s possible that Asian markets will end up with a surplus of lighter crudes and a deficit of heavier grades, which could  conceivably send the Brent-Dubai swaps into a discount for the  first time in seven years.’

ON WEAK IMPORTS: US trade defi

April 06, 2017
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Despite the decline in the real trade deficit, trade will probably be either neutral or impose a small drag on gross domestic product in the first quarter after subtracting 1.82 percentage points from fourth-quarter growth.

LNG producers turn to trading

April 06, 2017
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CHIBA, Japan - Producers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), having shot themselves in the foot with oversupply, and facing calls for flexibility and greater competition from other fuels are taking on more risk and learning to trade, just like any other commodities dealers.

Oil nears 1-month high on supp

April 06, 2017
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SINGAPORE- Oil climbed to a near one-month high on Wednesday on signs of a gradual tightening in global oil inventories and on concerns about a supply outage at a field in the United Kingdom’s North Sea that feeds into an international benchmark price.

Coking coal spikes as China ch

April 06, 2017
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SINGAPORE/WASHINGTON  - China, the world’s biggest coking coal importer, is scrambling to cover Australian supply disruptions after Cyclone Debbie knocked out mines and rails by turning to an unusual source: the United States.

IN ABOUT 5 YEARS; LNG industry

April 05, 2017
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CHIBA, Japan- The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry will face a shortfall in supply in about five years because low prices have kept producers from making new investments in production, major producers said on Tuesday.

Oil edges up on weaker dollar

April 05, 2017
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SEOUL - Oil prices rose slightly on Tuesday due to a weaker dollar, though a rebound in Libyan production put pressure on the market and rising US drilling signaled the potential for increased supply and capped price gains.

Shipping container price spike

April 04, 2017
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SINGAPORE—Prices for shipping containers, the metal boxes that carry 90 percent of the world’s manufactured goods, have risen to their highest since October 2015, a clear indicator that seaborne trade is increasing and should grow further this year.

LNG trio to test leverage to

April 04, 2017
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SINGAPORE - The world’s gas industry is descending on Tokyo this week with something other than cherry blossoms on its mind: a trio of Asian LNG buyers testing their collective muscle in a push for more flexible long-term contracts for the fuel.

Oil falls as US rig count stok

April 04, 2017
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SINGAPORE - Oil futures dipped on Monday as a higher U.S. rig count indicated rising shale output and stoked worries about global oversupply, while a stronger dollar also pressured prices.


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Column of the Day

‘Nothing from the PNP Internal Afffairs Service’

By DODY LACUNA | April 21,2017
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‘Pulitzer Prize-winning photos are framed against a lawless landscape of Filipinos in brutal submission...’

Opinion of the Day

Ignored laws

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | April 24, 2017
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‘Shouldn’t the BIR deputize Seniors or high school student volunteers? Have them go from store to store demanding evidence that they pay BIR on their income?’