September 21, 2017, 8:05 pm
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Perpetual chief slams NCAA for Altas forfeiture

PERPETUAL chief executive officer and president Antonio Tamayo yesterday said the NCAA committed a mistake when it allowed the Perpetual Help-St. Benilde game last week to proceed despite the fact that the Altas wore the wrong uniform.

“They were wrong to allow our team to play and penalized us twice by slapping us a technical foul and giving the other team a free throw before the game started and then forfeit it later,” said Tamayo.

He said the NCAA should have allowed league commissioner Arturo “Bai” Cristobal to make the decision.

“The league should empower Commissioner Bai Cristobal and let him decide anything related to basketball matters,” he said. “I believe they should not forfeit the game under the process undertaken by the commissioner.”

Perpetual Help lodged a protest last Wednesday, seeking to overturn the NCAA decision handing victory to the Blazers who absorbed a 65-69 defeat on the court.

As of yesterday, the Management Committee chaired by Fr. Glyn Ortega, OAR, of host San Sebastian was trying to resolve the issue.

The Altas showed up for the game wearing a dark maroon uniform instead of the designated white jersey and forfeited the game.

Tamayo said they admitted their mistake and believes the game should have been defaulted outright.
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