July 18, 2018, 6:26 pm
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Biado, Garcia eye all-Pinoy finale

CARLO Biado advanced to the semis without pocketing one ball while Roland Garcia proved too hot for Venezuelan-Jordanian Jalal Yousef as the two moved within another win of forging an all-Filipino battle for the World 9-Ball crown on Wednesday in Doha, Qatar.

Biado, 34, who earlier this year won a gold medal at the World Games in Poland, waited for Liu Haitao at the appointed time but the Chinese was nowhere to be found after earlier coming back from an 8-10 deficit to edge Taiwan’s Ko Ping Chung in the quarterfinals 11-10.

It turned out that Liu had gone back to his hotel for a bit of a rest and had likely forgotten to wake up in time. Tournament officials at the hotel managed to roust Liu and put him in a van to try and beat the 15-minute grace period.

Liu, however, arrived at the Al Arabi Sports Club 10 minutes past the grace period and was disqualified. While Liu was shell-shocked, Biado also couldn’t believe what happened even after he was named the winner by an 11-0 score.

Biado will next take on rising Taiwanese star Wu Kun Lin, 22, who humbled fellow Taiwanese Hsieh Chia Chen 11-7.

Garcia, 36, who is based in Pattaya, Thailand, trounced Yousef 11-4 and advanced against Klenti Kaci, 18, of Albania who ended the surprising winning run of Myanmar’s Maung Maung via an 11-7 count.

The semifinals will be a race-to-11, alternate break battle.

If Biado and Garcia win, it will be the first time in world pool history that two Filipinos will dispute the crown previously won by pool legends Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco “Django” Bustamante.
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