February 25, 2018, 10:10 am
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Waze adds motorcycles to its navigation interface

WITH no crowd sourced information for real time reports traditional in-car navigation systems are only useful only as digital maps. Waze on the other hand provides information relevant to the driver, helping them find optimal routes, provide recommended directions, avoid traffic, get arrival time estimations. 

But since it started Waze has been routing automobile drivers and later on added the “taxi” vehicle type to better serve professional drivers. Uber, Grab, major forwarding companies use Waze extensively to pick-up and deliver passengers and parcel.

Waze says in a press release that motorcyclists play an important role in mobility, the world over. Due to their size and agility, motorcycles are an efficient and economical solution for many living in busy urban centers. Very useful in European cities, where automobiles are barred from accessing narrow roads, motorcycles are primary transportation vehicles in the Asean region.

Now, Waze is adding the motorcycle to its availability list. The new addition comes primarily as a way to ensure that all motorcyclists are able to navigate through roads more safely.

In addition to enjoying the standard suite of Waze benefits, including alerts on police, speed-camera and speed traps, road closures, restrictions and more—motorcycle drivers will also enjoy real time data fed into the system by fellow motorcyclists.

These benefits include improved routes based on crowdsourced information from fellow motorcyclists, better Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) information that may vary from automobile ETAs; recommended routing on narrow roads where cars are not permitted, a new motorcycle cursor for vehicle type; new motorcycle moods available to all Wazers. Added to these is an easy voice command activated navigation. This ensures a safe ride for all motorcyclists as they need not touch the phone while docked. 

 To turn on routing for motorcycles, visit Settings > Vehicle type and tap “Motorcycles”.

 The updated app launched last November 29 enables Wazers to be in a safer riding environment. It runs on the Android & iOS platform, is good anywhere Waze is available in the world and provides the same language choices.
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