June 24, 2017, 8:14 am
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Salesforce start the year by maximizing customer relationships

One of the challenges for insurance companies is providing excellent service and customer satisfaction to its clients. However, because of a fast-paced living among consumers brought about by the emergence of technology, the need for fast, efficient and effective customer turnaround is more important than ever if companies are to foster better client relations and retain customers.  

According to Third Pillar, as consumer expectations continue to become more demanding, organizations have to excel in three aspects – marketing, sales, and customer service – if they are to provide customer delight.

With Salesforce, the world’s leading and most innovative CRM,organizations may now engage with their customers more efficiently and smarter.

 Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps insurance companies know potential clients by capturing their profiles, thereby making it easier for the sales team to identify the right service or product to offer to a particular customer. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers your sales team to sell faster, smarter and more convenient through automated tracking of customer information and interactions. 

On the other hand, Salesforce Service Cloud is responsible of taking care of the customers and resolve issues quickly by giving the frontline team a systematic way of addressing concerns.

And because all of these solutions arein the cloud,the team can access the platform and perform their jobs even outside their offices and through different devices. They can easily check the status of leads, respond to cases that demand a quickturn-around time, and efficiently evaluate the overall performance of the team members over a period of time.

“Customer engagement is not just about telling your customers what you offer and closing the deal. It is actually a journey of connecting with your customers, understanding their needs and providing them the needed support and excellent after-sales service. 

Third Pillar and Salesforce help companies remain agile when it comes to delivering these expectations and forecast a better future of their business,” said Jennifer Ligones, President and CEO, Third Pillar. 
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