February 20, 2017, 4:38 pm
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PSE AND iACADEMY - Partners in securities specialist course

THEPsE and iacaDEMY school of continuing Education signed a Memorandum of agreement recently at the Philippine stock Exchange to launch the 3rd PSE-iACADEMY Certified Securities Specialist Course (CSSC). Present at the signing are iAcademy Chief Operating Officer Jose Morales; iacademy President and cEO Vanessa Tanco-cualoping; PsE President and cEO Hans B. sicat; and PsE chief Operating Officer Roel A. Refran.
The Certification Program comprises of 136 classroom hours over weekly sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays & fridays from 6-9 pm at the iacaDEMY campus on ayala avenue, directly across from the PsE.
Program starts on august 19 and ends on December 6. aside from the courses, there will also be a Review & Mock Exam and a comprehensive Exam. Participants who pass the exam will earn the privilege of being certified securities specialists.
The Program Curriculum covers a range of fifteen subjects as diverse as financial Excel, Quantitative Methods of finance, Valuation, fundamental & Technical analysis, Raising capital in the capital Markets and securities Regulation.
This  program  was  designed  by  a  group  of  notable  professors  and market practitioners with the goal of ongoing education for those who are interested in and involved in the markets.

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