January 16, 2018, 10:59 pm
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Prestone marks 90th year; Uber announces latest safety feature

I have known Prestone products since I learned how to drive in the 80s. Brake fluids, coolant, and Prestone always had these. But I got to know Prestone up close only recently when I attended their 90th grand anniversary celebration at the Mall of Asia Music Hall. Aside from having celebrities like Rocco Nacino of Pedro Calungsod, the movie fame, and Cris Bernal, the event also displayed vintage vehicles like the Volkswagen Combi, Ford Model A, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi Minica. They also  had on exhibit of current cars like the Subaru Imprezza and Toyota 86 which use Prestone products.

True to their promise of protecting automobiles and motorists, Prestone has reached another milestone in their journey of providing trusted, proven, and quality car care solutions.

Upon entry in the industry in 1927, Prestone immediately drove its way to the introduction of the first non-flammable Prestone Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze which keeps engines safe from freezing during winter driving.

The Antifreeze Solution propelled the brand to greater heights with Prestone sealing partnerships with giant car manufacturers, Ford, GM, and Chrysler, as they installed the mixture into their new vehicles.

With their proven care solutions for automobiles, Prestone partnered with local fleet customers Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Victory Liner, and Toyota Forklifts Philippines. The brand has also inked another venture with Rapide, the largest auto repair network in the Philippines, marking Prestone as the brand of choice.

Not only has Prestone revolutionized caring for automobiles, it has also established itself as a partner of motorists in ensuring safe travels. One of the brand’s products, Prestone Brake Fluid, is highly lauded because of its proven performance.

Now on its 90th year in the business, Prestone keeps fueling the passion for automobiles. With the brand’s continuous developments and breakthroughs in the industry, Prestone holds its ground as the leader in innovative and world-class automotive formulas. 

Prestone Brand Manager, Monique Gonzales said, “It’s a year-long celebration for Prestone and our consumers. They can catch us on car shows nationwide. We have also launched the Anak ng Mekaniko Scholarship Program to give back to our silent partners in protecting cars for the last 90 Years – the mechanics. We have innovations lined up that they can watch out for, in our dedication to provide new solutions for worry-free vehicle performance.”

Prestone Philippines, I also learned is under the company Clorox Philippines which  has been engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing Prestone Brake Fluid, Coolant, and other functional fluids in the country. With the consistent car caring performance of its products, Prestone will definitely be here to stay for another 90 years or more.

Meantime, I must admit I am not yet  a user of  ride-sharing services like Uber, but members of my family have on many occasions used Uber and I have hitched a ride with them a few times. It is a more preferred transport of getting from Point A to Point B and it saves the passenger time and effort in driving especially in traffic congested metropolis.  It also solves the problem of getting a parking slot in a mall or office destination as an Uber car can just drop you off where you want to go.

It’s good to know that Uber leads the way by continually updating its app to elevate its service for the riding public. Its latest safety feature is Real-Time ID Check which enables Uber to reduce fraud, helping drivers protect their accounts from being compromised. This extra layer of protection can help ensure riders that the right person is behind the wheel.

In a media briefing yesterday, Laurence Cua, Uber Philippines manager, said: “We at Uber are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our technology-enabled security features. We look into new solutions and test them to proactively use and maximize the capability of available technologies, and how these can be instrumental in our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and convenient rides.”

Real-Time ID Check works by asking drivers to periodically take a selfie in the Uber app before they go online and accept rides.

The photo taken by the driver is then compared to the one already on file with the account. If the two photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while Uber representatives will look into the situation.

Following its initial release in the US last September 2016, Uber rolled out out the feature across 16 countries—South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, India, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Pakistan, and Philippines yesterday.

March continues to be a busy month especially with Isuzu as it has two simultaneous truck show and 4x4 Action events in Cebu on March 16 and in Cagayan de Oro on March 16- 17. On March 20, isuzu also turns over vehicles to its business partner, the Araneta Group at isuzu Manila and on March 21- 23, a truck show will be staged in Isabela. Nissan, meanwhile, will have the first track days for the Nissan GTR on March 16-17 at Clark and Toyota launches the fourth season of the much awaited Vios Cup today.
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