December 12, 2017, 7:02 am
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New security cameras ups surveillance technology

GERMAN technology giant Bosch recently unveiled a new line-up of security systems that are built with heightened features to deliver a more accurate and secure surveillance – the Aviotec video-based Fire Detection system, the MIC IP series cameras, and the latest all-in-one scalable recording solutions Divar IP series.

Putting its German engineering at the forefront, the latest video surveillance offerings from Bosch are designed with leading-edge technology innovations that enable the cameras to deliver timelier alert detection, clearer image, and better object tracking under any application.

“With the ongoing infrastructure booming in the country, our cities need smarter and more reliable video systems that can elevate safety and security of individuals,” Bosch Philippines Managing Director Richard Walker said. 

“Our new camera solutions are scalable and intelligent that deliver high-quality images at any bandwidth and range.” 

One of the most devastating characteristics of fire is its ability to spread easily, which is why fast and reliable detection is necessary. Its volatility makes it unpredictable and often catches the victim off-guard. 

Having a fast and reliable fire detection system is as important as extinguishing the fire. Bosch video-based detection system, Aviotec, can identify smoke and flames at the source to reduce false alarms and improves reaction time of an emergency. 

The Aviotec video-based system is the solution for early fire detection in challenging environments. Building upon proven Bosch camera technology and Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), the camera can detect a fire as soon as the smoke enters their field of view even in inaccessible environments such as high ceilings or dusty and humid areas. 

Intelligent algorithms within the camera also result in highly precise differentiation between a real fire and disturbance values such as movement, reflections or changing lighting conditions. Aviotec offers proven detection reliability in all test fires (TF1 through TF8) as specified in EN54.

Security cameras serve as a reliable source of the surveillance system. Whether it is in the wide-open spaces or in areas with numerous blind spots, cameras must provide excellent imaging, and impact resistant to protect the camera from vandalism when unwanted circumstances arise.

The Autodome IP moving cameras give the ability to locate, track and zoom in on objects quickly and easily. With a resolution of 1080p combined with 30x optical zoom; users can identify objects in large distances. The IP 4000i, IP 5000i, and the IP 6000, offer a complete portfolio with fixed dome, box, and bullet cameras suited to many applications. Indoor or outdoor, day or night, discreet or obtrusive surveillance.

The MIC IP is also in Bosch’s high quality cameras that carry exceptional strength for any outdoor, industrial, or commercial surveillance application. The ruggedized camera is designed for extreme applications beyond the mechanical capabilities of normal PTZ domes or conventional positioning systems. Thanks to the intelligent coding and Content-Based Imaging Technology (CBIT), the HD module delivers high-resolution video even under challenging lighting condition. 

The Divar Hybrid and Network recording solutions are simply designed for 24/7 operations and offer the ability to create video surveillance solutions with professional security features. Divar solutions are future proof and support up to 12 megapixel network video surveillance cameras plus H.264 and H.265 video compression technology. Guarantee for safe data storage and easy to watch live footage, playback recorded content, or reconfigure local unit settings anytime from anywhere. 
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