July 19, 2018, 3:55 am
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New hospitality management tech out

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, launched its Integrated Hotel Solutions and Guest Room Management Solutions (GRMS) recently. The solutions reflect the company’s belief in maximizing the use of technology to create innovations that promote smart, green, and efficient energy management. 

Through these solutions, the company provides hotels with innovation at every level, enabling them to achieve operational excellence, drive down costs and energy consumption, maximize staff productivity, and ensure the highest levels of guest satisfaction, thereby strengthening customer loyalty.

Among these solutions is the Guest Room Management Solutions which enables hotel guests to have control of their full room experience. Hotels can also provide their guests with a smarter room experience through room controllers that offer multi-language support and elegantly designed products that blend beautifully with their hotel decor.

“Guest rooms are unoccupied 70 percent of the time, yet account for up to 80 percent in hotel energy consumption,” Enzo Payonga, Operational Offer Manager, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric Philippines said.

“Through the Integrated Hotel Solutions and Guest Room Management Solutions, Schneider Electric simplifies complexity with a single integrated platform that ensures hotels are connected, sustainable, comfortable, efficient, and safe, even granting them up to 44% in energy savings. By letting them have full control of their room’s functionalities, hotels are providing their guests with the best personalized hotel room experience using the latest technological innovations without having to worry about excessive energy use,” he continued. 

Schneider Electric offers a range of guest room management solutions designed to enhance guest experience, optimize energy, and operational efficiency. These solutions take into consideration the needs of hotels, from their objectives to their budget.

1. Limited Service Standalone Guest Room Management Solution controls energy use in guest rooms, and need a simple solution with easy installation and fast ROI. It also allows optimization of guest room energy consumption based on occupancy detection perfect for limited service hotels.

2. Limited Service Integrated Guest Room Management Solution - From this single-user interface, hotel managers can view and manage individual rooms, or the entire network of rooms, to drive energy efficiency, monitor alarms and events, and perform proactive maintenance as well as activating guest’s rooms upon check-in, sending personalized and promotional messages and other functions.

3. Full Service & Luxury Integrated Guest Room Management Solution - For hotels that want to provide the ultimate in-room experience for their guests, this solution builds upon the technology of the Standalone and Integrated solutions by adding a Hotel Room Controller (HRC) to each guest room. 

Schneider Electric’s Guest Room Management Solutions help hotels connect their guest rooms with other systems, providing them with more visibility, functionality, and control, while ensuring their guests are well-taken care of. 
Technology has indeed become a major player across multiple industries. With these newly launched solutions, Schneider Electric is taking innovation straight into the hospitality industry, elevating both operational and energy management while helping hotels provide their guests the best level of comfort 
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