March 22, 2018, 8:04 am
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NETSUITE SUITEWORLD 16: Boldly building the hybrid business in the Cloud economy

The Cloud is rapidly changing the Internet. The changers are forcing individuals and businesses to realize that opportunities are wide open. The openness is requiring a rethink of strategy and position.

Individuals as entrepreneurs and businesses developing into enterprises must look into taking advantage of a powerful, customizable and constantly viable automation engine and look into positive thought and process disruptions in order to be competitive.

This is the consolidated message of SuiteWorld 2016, the sixth of an annual conference and exhibition organized by NetSuite Inc., 

“Small businesses must think big and big business must be nimble,” said NetSuite Chief Executive Officer Zach Nelson in an interview. “Netsuite provides the most powerful, on-the-Cloud- only platform that allows this agility and scalability.”

SuiteWorld 2016, could be the largest Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) conference where disruption, rethinking and automation is central. It connected some 8,000 attendees to NetSuite customers, solution providers, independent software vendor (ISV) partners, and industry thought leaders.

The disruption created by SuiteWorld 2016 through the many breakout sessions that happened helped participants get inspired, celebrate Cloud success, gain industry knowledge and share insights and best practices. 

“I designed it (NetSuite) to help entrepreneurs succeed,” Netsuite founder and Chief Technology Office (CTO) Evan Goldberg said, referring to how the software came about. “It came from my own frustration of running a business. And it developed into such a scale because of the many ideas from many people and partners out there who also wanted to succeed.”

NetSuite has grown exponentially since Goldberg launched it in 1998 as NetLedger, a web-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) that was later renamed to Oracle Small Business Suite and finally NetSuite. 

It has always operated on the Cloud, a fact that CEO Nelson is very proud of.

“The Cloud is the last business computing architecture,” Nelson said in his keynote address at SuiteWorld. He pointed out how developers will continue to construct on it and find new ways for customers to engage but the architecture will remain the same. He also related how this construction with the Cloud keeps the scalability that allows for business agility and customization.

“Customization is the single, strongest characteristic of NetSuite that allows it to achieve success for enterprises,” Nelson emphasized. “There is hybrid model developed precisely from this  customization.” 

The Cloud economy is forcing businesses to rethink their models as global competition accelerates. Businesses are increasingly implementing new, “hybrid” business models. Product companies are adding services and services companies are adding products. Subscription and usage models are becoming the norm as every business adds an “as a service” component. Start-ups and small companies desire the scale and scope of their larger competitors. Big companies want to achieve the agility of nimble start-ups. 

“From the very start we knew that the scalability and agility that enterepreneurs needed from NetSuite will only come from the flexibility the Cloud offers,” Nelson emphasized. 

Goldberg showed this very customization with a real time demonstration of NetSuite’s new easy-to-operate programming add-ons. Using the new OneWorld suite, Goldberg and wife Cindy did on-screen and real time programming showcasing the ease of the new features of the programs within the NetSutie SaaS.

“We organized SuiteWorld so that the many ideas out there can find a venue to grow, NetSuite’s vibrant community of partners, customers and employees will come together to celebrate and share the successes of the world’s leading Cloud ERP,” Nelson adds.

SuiteWorld this year has an impressive line-up of 100+ NetSuite partners and sponsors showcasing their products and services at the SuiteWorld expo, where deals get done and connections are made. A customer experience gallery that will showcase products and services from NetSuite’s customers and provide attendees with a “wow experience.”

Participants said the event was tremendous successfuly with game changing product announcements, key customer wins, industry best practices and the chance to network with our customers, some of the most innovative business leaders in the world.

In the exhibit hall just beside the main area of More than 150 interactive breakout sessions spanning industries, roles and product areas, designed to meet the diverse needs of attendees from every industry and offer them prime opportunities to learn how the number one Cloud ERP drives real-world success.

The conference highlights include NetSuite executive keynotes addressing new product innovations, key partnerships, customer success, product roadmap and the future of the businesses operating on the NetSuite platform.

A series of pre-event trainings, provided by NetSuite experts with a combined 100 years of NetSuite training experience, addresses a range of functional and technical topics for users and developers at all skill levels. Attendees can choose to take a two-day deep-dive training or a special one-day session. Alternatively, attendees can also choose to prepare for and take the NetSuite SuiteFoundation Certification examinations.

A customer experience gallery showcased products and services from NetSuite’s customers and provide attendees with a “wow experience.”

NetSuite currently has over 5,000 employees worldwide, about 22% are based in its Philippine office. 

“And the number continuously changes,” says Tom Kim, Managing Director of the Philippine operations. “The number could change as we speak,” Kims adds pointing out how the operations in the country is central to Netsuite operations.

“The immense talent in the Philippines is why NetSuite is here. The talent pool is so strong and our growth is so rapid that we have a new office space just standing by for activation,” Kim explains. 

CEO Nelson agrees. “Without our operations in the Philippines, NetSuite could not have grown as quickly. The expertise and talent in the country is just so impressive. We have engineers, developers, sales and fronliners all in one place.”

NetSuite has other offices in Canada, the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Uruguay. In the mainland United States it operates offices in Denver, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Boston.
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