January 16, 2018, 11:01 pm
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Microsoft ready for the Data Privacy Act

Software giant Microsoft believes the Data Privacy Act represents an important step forward for individual privacy rights. This act also seeks to ensure personal data is protected no matter where it is sent, processed, or stored. 

As the goals of the Data Privacy Act are consistent with Microsoft’s long-standing commitment to security, privacy, and transparency, Microsoft has been working on helping businesses in their journey to comply with this important legislation. 

First off, online tools and resources are readily available through a dedicated Microsoft Trust Center website focused on information on the Data Privacy Act. Through this site, businesses may also take a free risk assessment to understand if they are compliant. 

Microsoft’s Comprehensive Solutions that helps businesses comply 

As this policy seeks to help Filipino citizens in their right to privacy and businesses need to be both responsible and accountable for their customers’ data, businesses are not alone in this journey. 

Microsoft products and services are available today to help you meet the Data Privacy Act requirements, and we are investing in additional features and functionality. Through our cloud services and on-premises solutions we’ll help you locate and catalog the personal data in your systems, build a more secure environment, simplify your management and monitoring of personal data, and give you the tools and resources you need to meet the Data Privacy Act reporting and assessment requirements.

1. With Microsoft Azure, an organization can receive a level of data protection and physical security that far exceeds typical on-premises firewall protection. Azure offers businesses peace of mind knowing that their apps and data are getting the same level of protection chosen by Microsoft’s enterprise customers, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions. 
2. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) helps give users a more secure and integrated productivity experience with Microsoft’s enterprise mobility solutions.
3. If your business involves processing important information, then Office 365 is the application suite you need because you’ll get the power of Office anywhere and on any device plus regular updates ensuring information is secure and protected. 
4. Windows 10 provides identity protection and safeguards from pass the hash attacks.  It also provides data encryption at the device and on the file level. This ensures corporate data isn’t accidentally or intentionally leaked to unauthorized users or locations.  

On top of that, Windows 10 also offers threat resistance with enterprise grade anti-virus protection that completely locks down your device, so you can run only trusted applications. It can also provide additional device security through UEFI Secure Boot and Virtualization-based security. It ensures that a genuine version of Windows starts first on your device, and moves some of the most sensitive Windows processes into a secure execution environment to help prevent tampering and prevent attackers from evading detection. 

With these end-to-end solutions, businesses can focus on their core strategy while efficiently ensuring that they are compliant with this legislation. Microsoft understands that when our customer uses our services, this means entrusting us with their most valuable asset—their data. They trust that its privacy will be protected and that it will be used only in a way that is consistent with their expectations.

As the September 2017 deadline to comply is near leaving businesses less than 180 days to comply, businesses now know that they are not alone. They have Microsoft as their trusted partner to help them in this journey for data privacy. 

To get started, visit the Microsoft Trust Center website now, take a free risk assessment, be informed on the latest news on the policy or get to know more about specific Microsoft solutions. 
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