July 18, 2018, 7:50 pm
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Landmark building shows the way to go green

SIAM Cement Group (SCG) has invested 3.3 billion baht in more than three years to build the SCG 100th Year Building, a certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Design and Construction (BD+C) Platinum. 

Instead of a geometric shape, SCG’s flagship green building adopted the unique free-flowing form that has become a landmark of its own. The new building, which represents SCG’s new workforce including the young generation X and Y, features highlights in the curving balconies that lend the beautiful contouring lines all around.

Apart from reflecting SCG’s thinking-out-of-the-box culture, it also adopted the Windsor faux wood for the balconies that shield the building from the heat.

Thanissara Pedyod, team lead at the Facility Management Division, said SCG’s Health Center has recently been awarded the LEED BD+C, with the highest achievement of LEED Platinum from the USGBC. Its structure was designed in accordance and respect to surrounded context.

The information, vital sign, examination rooms (general practitioner), pharmacy and women/men observation room are on the first floor, while other examination rooms (physician), rehabilitation and breastfeeding rooms are on the second floor. The health club hall, aerobic and exercise rooms are on the third floor. 

Health club entrance, cardio zone, weight machine zone, locker and shower room are on the fourth floor. Functional training, free weight and body weight zone and workout room are on the fifth floor. The outdoor workout and jogging track are on the roof deck.

The building has been shielded from the heat with thermal insulation and double glazing window. Energy is saved with the installation of energy-saving T5 and LED bulbs and electricity-generating solar panel. Water is saved with a water management scheme that returns 100 percent of the used and treated water as well as the rain water for sanitation and gardening. 

The open landscape that occupies over 50 percent of the entire space provides a pool of fresh air, making it a great spot to wind down or work creatively. The whole building is designed to keep the workers happy and at their best of health.

 “When we constructed this new building, we almost kept all the trees,” Pedyod said. “We care for sustainable development, how we could live together with the employees inside the company, and the neighborhood.”

The SCG 100th Year Building’s automation system optimizes energy usage of air-conditioning and lighting systems. 

 “Green Activities” are utilized aiming to replace physical meetings with more VDO conferences. 

More bike parking spaces are created to encourage staff to commute by bike, another way to reduce automobile pollution while keeping the staff healthy and fit.

Eco-carparking spaces are provided for both visitors (six spaces on P1) and employees (46 spaces on P5), “as long as they meet the criteria: benzin cars with not over 1,300-cubic centimetre engine displacement, diesel cars with not over 1,500-cubic centimetre engine displacement, and hybrid car. The eco-carparking is privilege, as it is near major entrances and exits,” Pedyod said.

An “SCG Green Solution” is set up to give advice to external organizations on green and sustainable buildings as well as materials and services. This has become a part of a new business that develops a true sustainable architecture that fits better in the changing social and economic environment of the country and builds a larger network of environmentally conscious businesses for a greener future.

Other features are daylight sensor system, automatic temperature monitoring system, carbon dioxide monitoring system, dust-trapping carpet, low volatile organic compound emitting materials and pollutant source control.
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