November 24, 2017, 1:36 pm
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Honeywell awards scholarships to PH chem eng students

American software and engineering conglomerate Honeywell announced that it has awarded scholarships to three Filipino students majoring in chemical engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology, affirming Honeywell’s continued investment in building the future engineering talent in the country.

The scholarship will include three students from Mapua Institute of Technology and they will be awarded $1500 each.

As a part of a scholarship program held in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, five of the scholars will conduct internships at the U.S. research and development campus of Honeywell UOP or Universal Oil Products, is a global leader in refining and petrochemical technology. One of the chemical engineering students selected for internships will further develop their skills through direct participation with UOP technology.

“We’re very excited to extend the scholarship program in the Philippines to augment the country’s growth by supporting its talented students in their pursuit of education in chemical engineering,” Jim Rekoske, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Honeywell UOP said.“Working with leading university in the Philippines, our program invests in the next generation of the country’s scientific and research talent, which will benefit its refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries for many years,” he added.

“The cash award from Honeywell UOP is very important because it comes from the leading company in petroleum engineering,” said a student at Mapua Institute of Technology, and one of the students who completed an internship at Honeywell UOP last summer. He said he was invigorated by the experience, and look forward to applying his new expertise working in the Philippines.”

In addition to the scholarships and internships, Honeywell UOP also provides an annual lecture series in refining and petrochemicals to each of 12 leading universities in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The lecture series contributes greatly to the academic curriculum in chemical engineering at these institutions, helping to develop a strong pool of talent in the industry across the region.
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