March 27, 2017, 8:47 pm
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Great pasalubong ideas

Travelers often find it easy to load up on the usual pasalubongs, like fridge magnets of iconic structures or key chains with the name of the city in cursive font.

But if they’ve already given that to an officemate, friend or relative, it can get a bit tricky to find something else to bring home. 

Here’s a round-up of alternative pasalubong options, gathered from Cebu Pacific Air passengers in key cities in the Philippines.

A quick trip to Naga or Legazpi in Bicol can bring travelers face-to-face with the beautiful and almost-perfect cone of Mt. Mayon, the jaw-dropping beaches of Caramoan, or a once-in-a-lifetime moment of swimming with whale sharks in Donsol. 

Sharing the Bicol experience can also best be done with the Toasted Siopao from 3N Bakery, a jar of pili nuts, or maybe a bag-full of pili tarts and marzipan.

For those traveling to Puerto Princesa in Palawan, its beaches and world-renowned Underground River are the main draw for tourists to visit. 

Share not only the stories of Palawan but also its flavors with cashew nuts and French bread from Vietville. 

Or share the culture of the country’s last frontier with the locally-made rainmakers and silk products. 

In the historical province of Iloilo, the old churches, the centuries-old mansions, and the pristine white sand beaches can be awe-inspiring for any traveler. 

Share the sense of awe and wonder that the province has to offer with the freshest and most succulent mangoes from the island of Guimaras. 

The neighboring island of Cebu, best known for its guitars, world-class furniture and fashion houses, and its powdery white sand beaches, is also home to the most exotic tourist spots. 

Diving into the coral colonies of the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary and lounging on the beaches of Nalusuan Island are just some of the few. 

Bring home the sense of adventure of Cebu with its crisp pork skin with flavorful crunchy fat version of chicharon. 

The best in the island can be found in the mercado, or market, of the town of Carcar. 

Best known as a gateway to white water rafting adventures orto the vast ranches and pineapple plantations in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro is a pleasant surprise to first-time visitors.  

Give your family and friends a taste of what Cagayan de Oro has to offer with pineapple crumble from Mercedes Breads, the tasty ham of Slersor Pine, the all-time favorite Cheding’s Peanuts, made-to-order tarts from Persimoon, or the unique Malunggay Pastel – a great alternative to the widely available yema Pastel.

Meanwhile, when in Zamboanga, drop by the famous Alavar’s Restaurant for a dinner of curacha or spanner crab, and a bottle of their Alavar’s Sauce to bring home to family and friends. 

Don’t forget to visit the barter area for Apollo Wafers from Malaysia, among other food products.

With more places made more affordable and accessible by Cebu Pacific, it is now easier to discover and share with loved ones the must-haves from some of the country’s key cities.   Visit now.
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