July 22, 2018, 11:51 pm
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Argomall tops US website list of successful chatbots

ARGOMALL tops Sumo.com’s list of successful e-commerce chatbots that are rocking audiences in various industries. Argomall, the only Filipino company in the recently published roster, shines over four other brands from around the world such as LEGO, Decen Muebles Infantiles, Hello Fresh, and Bot Burger. 

Sumo, a company based in the United States that powers up website traffic for nearly a million sites globally, tied up with Chatfuel to come up with the list. The fastest growing, and most convenient online store for consumer electronics, was the first to be commended because of its chatbot’s ability to streamline the sales process by letting users place an order without leaving the app. It also enhances the live chat support experience by enabling customers to ask questions with an agency at any point during the ordering process.

Chatbots are type of support mainly seen in online platforms. It’s software that can have a conversation with a human. For example, a user can ask the bot a question or give it an instruction and the bot, in return, will respond, instruct the user, or perform an action as appropriate. 

A huge number of brands around the world now use chatbots in their websites.  These bots benefit companies with the possibility of increasing their sales more than 10 times. It even cuts the time of their human customer support by 35 percent because chatbots are available to be talked with 24/7 as compared with an 8-hour shift of a human chat agent.

People who had an experience of talking to bots find it very useful and a big help to their online shopping experience. Since the bots are available 24 hours, people from different time zones need not worry about getting a support agent when they need it. 

There are over 69 million Facebook users in the Philippines that’s why Argomall made its chatbot available in Facebook Messenger. All a consumer has to do is to find “argomall, Inc.” or “@argomall” on their Facebook Messenger and then tap “Get Started”. The bot will then ask how it can help the consumer. Consumers can then choose between “Ask Question”, “Track my Item”, and “Order Now”. 

According to Sumo, “Argomall’s bot has become an important sales and customer service tool for the company and generated a 23x increase in ROI in the first few months after its launch.” Karel Holub, chief argonaut of Argomall says, “we are honored about this recognition from Sumo.com and very ecstatic over the convenience that this brings to our beloved customers.” 

Argomall.com was borne out of a creative dream by Filipino-owned conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group in November 2015, to deliver quick, efficient, and simple solutions to the discerning Filipino tech shopper.
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