March 22, 2018, 4:13 am
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A word from  ATOM

That forcing-through, fast-break stunt pulled off last Friday by the Marcos family and their supporters was a finishing touch worthy of the dictator Marcos’ long list of sneaky tricks he did on the Filipino people.

To avoid continued friction in the country on the issue, his supporters should have accepted the supposed offer of the American government to have him buried between George Washington and Richard Nixon somewhere in the US.  The logic behind the proposal? Washington couldn’t tell a lie.  Nixon couldn’t tell the truth.  Marcos couldn’t tell the difference.

Marcos buried beside legitimate heroes here could only lead to the rest of the citizenry to scream profanities - and they could pick up a curse or two hundred from the Marcoses’ principal  patron. – AUGUST TWENTY-ONE MOVEMENT (ATOM)
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