March 22, 2018, 8:07 am
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The war on drugs flawed?

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Roa Duterte assured that he never ordered policemen to kill children in the name of his bloody drug war.

Duterte was reacting to Caloocan Catholic Bishop Pablo Virgilio David’s fear that more young people would be killed if the government won’t change its hardline approach to the problem of illegal drugs. “The anti-drug war is naive, seriously flawed, and needs serious evaluation and rethinking,” the bishop said.. 

In a speech during the 60th anniversary of the Social Security System last Wednesday, the President insisted that he never ordered policemen to kill children in the name of his bloody drugs war and vowed to pursue cases against cops involved in the killings. 

Duterte also vowed that he would not condone scalawag cops, but insisted that police operations should be presumed to be undertaken with regularity.

“I never ordered the killings of children or adults and even an enemy on bended knees. That is not the norm or rule of a democracy,” Duterte said in his own words. “I would never, never condone or allow it,” he added.

The President then said that while he would protect soldiers and policemen, “there should always be the element of performance of duty and you not kill defenseless persons, I will pursue the case against policemen and if need be, they go to jail.”.

Despite the intense criticism, Duterte said his anti-drug would protect children, but he added that “if I do not control drugs, I .would put the next generation in jeopardy.”


President Duterte has declared this day, September 21 as a National Day of Protest, while militant groups staged their own their own rallies to protest the government’s current war on drugs to mark the 45th anniversary of the declaration of martial law by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. 

Duterte pointed out that he did it to protest his inability to get rid of corrupt “dilawan” (yellow) officials who are protected by security of tenure, and to “give everyone a chance to exercise their right to assembly and voice their grievances”.. . 


Quote of the Day: “The problem of illegal drugs demands their solution --- when they are soluble at all, which is not often ---a high degree of technical proficiency, and with it there should go an adamantine kind of integrity, for the temptations of a public official are almost as cruel as those of a dipsomaniac!” – Anon.
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