January 16, 2018, 11:09 pm
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Tax-paid hearings

FORMER Transport Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya must have forgotten the commandment not to take the name of the Lord in vain. Hard pressed in the congressional hearing on the troubles of the MRT, Abaya kept bringing up “Panginoon” to buttress his words. He could have just said, “The lies I know are from the previous administration....” And those listening would have agreed with him.

It is a given that too many Filipino trapos (traditional politicians) in tight situations will say what’s to their personal advantage, true or not. Abaya kept making debatable claims, punctuated with calls to the Almighty to dignify his audacity. Tacky... tacky... tacky! 

Rep. Gary Alejano wants President Duterte impeached. It’s so frivolous that from Day 1, all (except fis fekkiw Magdalos) knew that Alejano’s case would be dead in the water. And sure enough, not quite three hours into manifestations, Alejano’s impeachment case was dismissed.

Will someone calculate how much of taxpayers’ money was spent for that Monday morning frivolous congressional impeachment hearings? How much of people’s taxes was wasted on caterers and those numberless white-outfitted, white-gloved waiters and waitresses.

Seen on TV, scurrying back and forth, serving food and beverages as breakfast, brunch, snack, lunch to the hundreds of hangers-on including lawyers, clerks, secretaries, aides, valets of the Honorables. Such squandering of our taxes. Since Gary Alejano lost his case, shouldn’t he be charged, for the cost of the hearing, including the cost of light and air-conditioning, the caterers’ bills? 


Defining Extra-Judicial Killings (EJK): Seven distinct EKJ situations. It’s EJK but the President and his PNP did not instigage any of these deaths. 

1) Vigilante killings --Addict has his source of illegal drugs--his dealer. When drug addict can no longer pay, addict hides from his dealer. He has no money to pay his dealer for what he owes. The dealer is upset; seeks him out. When located, it is a case of who pulls the trigger first. PDu30’s PNP was not the cause of such deaths. But it is EJK.

2) Drug dealers fear addicts who get enrolled in rehabilitation. Drug dealers fear that the surrenderee-addicts will give their (dealers’) names and whereabouts to the police. Dealer tracks addict down to silence the addict. PDu30’s PNP was not the cause of such deaths. But it is EJK.

3) Buy-bust Operations, as done by all law enforcers all over the world. Police posing as buyers meets dealer in the underworld, eyeball-to-eyeball with the enemies. Both with ammunition, and who gets killed depends on who pulls the trigger first. PDu30’s PNP has not maliciously caused of such deaths. But it is EJK.

4) Innocent households will answer the knock on their door without weapons, and calmly ask: “Hello officer, who are you looking for?” No weapons will be fired. No one will be killed. When the police knock on doors where the addicts and dealers are doing drug sessions, they become paranoid, frightened, reach for their weapons, ready to shoot it out. Faced with drawn weapons, the police must shoot back in self-defense. PDu30’s PNP was not the trigger of such deaths. But it is EJK.

5) Curious innocent bystanders die. Police and drug dealers are in a chase, shooting at each other. There will be collateral damage. Few are sharp shooters. Bullets will get a bystander or two. Such tragedies are outside of the President’s control on his war on drugs. PDu30’s PNP was not the cause such deaths. But it is EJK. 

6) Ninja Cops. By the law of averages, of the 178,000 Filipino policemen members of the PNP, some with poor breeding and problem childhood would be into illegal activities. These types would holdup, kidnap, ransom, kotong, murder, rape, kill other policemen. Even in religious schools, a few seminarians become criminal priests. These bad seeds are an embarrassment to their institutions. PNP weeds them out--prosecuted, convicted. PDu30’s PNP did not create such Ninja deaths. But it is EJK.

7) Unsolved killings having nothing to do with drugs: passion killing, jealousy, business rivalry, family conflicts, animosity, deception, love triangle, senseless killings, etc. PDu30’s PNP has nothing to do with such deaths. But it is EJK.

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