September 25, 2017, 3:30 am
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Spiels sent by text messages

Dear Ms. Aspillera:

We are writing in response to the concerns you raised on two separate occasions through your column that were published in Malaya Business Insight entitled “Are Globe and Smart all we deserve” dated December 12, 2016 and “Calling the Attention of Globe” dated February 6, 2017.

In both of your articles, you wrote that you received SMS from Globe “mostly at night, in between midnight and 2 a.m. or before sunrise” before citing the content of the SMS. In the 2nd article, the same concern was indicated “to habitually wake me up with your sales text messages, midnight, 2 a.m. or before sunrise” before citing again various SMS content.

We strictly adhere to our customer contact policy of not proactively engaging customers before 7a.m. and beyond 7p.m. whether via call or SMS. Based on our records, no customer numbers including yours were engaged. We also checked the messages you cited in both of your articles.

Said messages did not match our existing inventory of spiels that we currently use to reach out to our customers. We likewise checked your mobile number if it is included in the list of customers for VAS (Value Added Services) engagement and apparently it is not in our records as well.

As a proactive measure, we already tagged your number so it will not receive any VAS messages moving forward. With your permission, we can schedule a meeting with you to help put to rest your concerns on our mobile services. -- YOLY C. CRISANTO, SVP – Corporate Communications, Globe Telecom
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