October 20, 2017, 8:46 am
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Risking big for a better Philippines

Filipino motorists and commuters trapped in a heavy traffic is a usual setting in the Metropolis. This trouble brings bad sentiments and annoyance in each as it consumes time and productivity of both laborers and students, and worst, affects the growth of Philippines’ economy.

Everyone is affected, for it to change, everyone is needed. But when and how to resolve this problem? Is granting President-elect Rodrigo Duterte emergency powers to solve traffic congestion is the answer? Or let’s just wait and get alarmed until commuters walk on their foot just to reach their destinations?

As senator-elect Leila de Lima stressed, the use of emergency powers to solve the problem is a worrisome government style. Worrisome in a sense that it diminishes the power of Congress in favor of the president. Well, let the game begins, risk big for great results!

More than 15 million Filipinos voted for incoming president Duterte, behind these casted votes lied a trust to the candidate. Why don’t we use this trust to picture a better Philippines under the new administration?

 And as we take the risk, let’s do our part to achieve the change we are hoping. The real change lies in our hands, and our journey through success is entrusted to the president.

Change is indeed a cliché word of the time, and it will remain cliché if we’ll just utter it repeatedly. All difficulties this country faces like traffic congestion will be surely solved if we learn to trust, follow the rules, and be a responsible Filipino. – MARK LOUIS F. FERROLINO, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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